With Floyd Mayweather undergoing widespread scrutiny for his questionable hits during Saturday’s fight against Victor Ortiz, we would like to see what kind of company Money Mayweather keeps in the realm of dirty fighters in film. Honestly, it’s not looking like he would even crack the list, unless he stabbed Ortiz in the kidney, then released a tiger on him. That will probably happen in the Pacquiao fight.

Had he done that, I would officially sign on as a boxing fan for life with no questions.

8. Jerry Mitchell – Three O’Clock High

Sure, everyman protagonist Jerry was completely bullied by Buddy Revell, but Jerry ends up knocking out Buddy with the use of some brass knuckles tossed back to him by his sister. Lame.

A schoolyard fight is binding contract in which both parties agree there will be no dirty fighting. Granted, Jerry wanted nothing to do with this fight at all, but he showed up, which demonstrates a tacit adherence to the rules.

7. Ivan Drago – Rocky IV

This may sound a little quaint of me, but…THIS GUY USED STERIODS! He also killed Apollo, but I don’t lay blame on Drago for that. I mean, who REALLY stops at the bell when they’re boxing? Maybe the losing boxer, but you keep going. Drago was also a communist, which I view as a manner of political cheating, but we’re really just looking at the fighting and boxing here, so I won’t dwell on my political beliefs.

We see Drago getting injected with a mysterious substance during the training montage, which is disheartening because we know that reputable American athletes would never use steroids because of both the health risks and the unfair advantage they create.

6. Short Cut – Gladiator (1992)

This gang member that harasses Tommy Riley, the protagonist of this underground boxing film, also proves to be a skeezy character inside the ring, putting a binding agent on his gloves in an effort to blind another fighter, Romano, during their fight. Once Romano’s vision is compromised, Short Cut beats him brutally to death.

Short Cut will NOT ge the spirit award for this showing.

5. The Cobra Kai Dojo – Karate Kid

These guys fought dirty, but they also fought smart, so their transgressions weren’t as scrutinized as many others on this list. They went after Daniel’s damaged leg by “sweeping” it, a movie that I have tried unsuccessfully in many barroom brawls.

While Daniel was able to recuperate quickly courtesy of Mr. Miyagi’s sensual massage, cheating is cheating. The fact that Dutch had a conscience about it immediately after performing the cheap shot is of little consolation.

4. Billie “The Blue Bear” – Million Dollar Baby

Her reputation as a dirty fighter preceded her, as this German ex-prostitute went after Maggie viciously and cheaply, with several low blows and other assorted cheap shots. Of course, the cheating in this instance has some pretty profound repercussions, so the tragedy here isn’t just that Maggie Fitzgerald can’t take home the title, but rather that she never gets to go home again after the cheap shots.

3. Commodus – Gladiator (2000)

He stabbed Maximus in the love handle before their final fight, which is pretty crappy fighting etiquette. He then covered the wound up, forcing Maximus to fight while slowly bleeding to death, all so he could get the glory of his people. BOOOOOOOOOO, Commodus! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

We don’t know what happens to Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) in the near term, but we know that the Roman Empire does eventually fall, so he gets his comeuppance. Eventually.

2. Other, Unidentified Romans – Gladiator (2000)

I’m beginning to think the Romans weren’t the best guys in the world. Then I remember that they killed my savior, and I get all sorts of ornery. Gladiator matches aren’t supposed to be like bullfights. One side isn’t supposed to have a distinct advantage over the other heading into the fight.

So how do the Romans explain using TIGERS against the slave fighters. TIGERS! I’m no fighting expert, but I would think that the side with the tigers would have a clear advantage on account of possessing several 700-pound killing machines.

1. Chung Li – Bloodsport

No-brainer. Sure he went around killing people AFTER they said “mate’, “but his legacy will be for throwing an unidentified poison/blinding agent into the eyes of Frank Dux, who still managed to win the fight, reverting back to his training with the bald Shaolin Monk trainer in his early days.

I also wouldn't be surprised to learn that Chung Li also did cocaine and rode in the HOV lane by himself. He simply feels the rules don’t apply to him, the bastard.

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