In Honor Of Elin Nordegren: 7 Outrageous Movie Purchases

Tuesday, January 10 by

The Ashes of Jerry Garcia and Killer the Rottweiler – Half Baked

Much like Robert De Niro in Goodfellas, Dave Chappelle is appalled to find that his friends are throwing money around town after launching a successful marijuana delivery service. He comes home to find that his co-horts have spent loads of cash on food, a tame rottweiler, and a bag of what is allegedly Jerry Garcia’s ashes.

But I’m not one to judge. I’m the proud owner of a remote control helicopter which I really view as an investment in the future harassment of my cat.

Flan – Envy

In Envy, Jack Black becomes incredibly wealthy after inventing Vapoorizer, a spray that causes dog poop to vanish. As the money comes rolling in he and his family spend it as quickly as they can, purchasing a beautiful home, jewels, expensive haircuts, a horse, and most extravagant of all…. flan. It’s Flan Time!!

Runner-up: A Zoo – We Bought A Zoo

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