In Honor Of Elin Nordegren: 7 Outrageous Movie Purchases

Tuesday, January 10 by

Batmobile/Upside Down Sleeping Rig (TIE) – Batman

When his parents died, Bruce Wayne was the sole benefactor to their kajillions of dollars. How does he choose to spend it? On high-tech vehicles, armor, computers, and weaponry so that he can take back the night from a city that has grown corrupt. That, and some kind of rig from Sharper Image that helps him sleep upside down. C’mon, Bruce. You really don’t need that. You have a house full of perfectly good beds.

Naked Pictures of Bea Arthur – Airheads

When their hostage-taking prank goes awry, the members of “The Lone Rangers” have to quickly come up with a plan. With the exterior of the radio station they took over swarming with cops they decide to make crazy demands so that they can plead insanity later. These requests a football helmet filled with cottage cheese and photos of Bea Arther naked. No short order. Betty White on the other hand….

All Manner of Crap – Blank Check

When a young boy comes into a $1 million of ill-gotten funds, he goes on a spending spree. Buying a castle, a roller coaster, a go-kart track, and a car that he can drive in his pool. Oh yeah, he also buys a pool. However, most impressive is that he’s able to use the money to attract and seduce a hot, grown woman.

And they totally make-out! That 11-year old is a P.I.M.P..

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