It might be time to Occupy Florida.

Tiger Woods' ex Elin Nordegren never has to worry about money again. Which is pretty obvious seeing as she decided to tear down her $12.3 million Palm Beach mansion in order to build a new mansion. A better mansion.

There's a saying that no man should have no home while one man has two. Elin Nordegren has just wiped her bum with that phrase. Then she used a hundred dollar bill to light it on fire. Then she threw the whole thing on a briefcase full of cash. Though this should come as no surprise. People do crazy things with money all of the time. I'm just concerned what effect this will have on the hip hop community.

Below you'll find the most outrageous purchases made in movies. Why? Cause we're staying relevant, damn it!

Robot - Rocky IV

You know you've arrived when you can afford to own a robot... in the 1980's. That's exactly what Rocky Balboa did after becoming the boxing world champion. The robot was a present from Rocky to his brother-in-law Paulie who used it to fetch him beers and birthday cake. However, there's a small camp that suspect Paulie of using the robotic butler for more lustful needs. He does at one point refer to it as "his girl."

Mink Coats - Goodfellas

There's only one rule after pulling off a huge score -- don't buy anything. What did I say? Don't buy anything. DON'T BUY ANYTHING!! Robert De Niro's underlings ignored this memo in Goodfellas. After pulling off the Lufthansa Heist from JFK Airport, everyone is instructed to lay low. Don't make any large purchases or receive any generous gifts. This instruction is made irrelevant by the immediate purchases of pink Coup De Villes and mink coats.

Batmobile/Upside Down Sleeping Rig (TIE) - Batman

When his parents died, Bruce Wayne was the sole benefactor to their kajillions of dollars. How does he choose to spend it? On high-tech vehicles, armor, computers, and weaponry so that he can take back the night from a city that has grown corrupt. That, and some kind of rig from Sharper Image that helps him sleep upside down. C'mon, Bruce. You really don't need that. You have a house full of perfectly good beds.

Naked Pictures of Bea Arthur - Airheads

When their hostage-taking prank goes awry, the members of "The Lone Rangers" have to quickly come up with a plan. With the exterior of the radio station they took over swarming with cops they decide to make crazy demands so that they can plead insanity later. These requests a football helmet filled with cottage cheese and photos of Bea Arther naked. No short order. Betty White on the other hand....

All Manner of Crap - Blank Check

When a young boy comes into a $1 million of ill-gotten funds, he goes on a spending spree. Buying a castle, a roller coaster, a go-kart track, and a car that he can drive in his pool. Oh yeah, he also buys a pool. However, most impressive is that he's able to use the money to attract and seduce a hot, grown woman.

And they totally make-out! That 11-year old is a P.I.M.P..

The Ashes of Jerry Garcia and Killer the Rottweiler - Half Baked

Much like Robert De Niro in Goodfellas, Dave Chappelle is appalled to find that his friends are throwing money around town after launching a successful marijuana delivery service. He comes home to find that his co-horts have spent loads of cash on food, a tame rottweiler, and a bag of what is allegedly Jerry Garcia's ashes.

But I'm not one to judge. I'm the proud owner of a remote control helicopter which I really view as an investment in the future harassment of my cat.

Flan - Envy

In Envy, Jack Black becomes incredibly wealthy after inventing Vapoorizer, a spray that causes dog poop to vanish. As the money comes rolling in he and his family spend it as quickly as they can, purchasing a beautiful home, jewels, expensive haircuts, a horse, and most extravagant of all.... flan. It's Flan Time!!

Runner-up: A Zoo - We Bought A Zoo

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