In Honor Of ‘Dolphin Tale': 11 Handy Film Prosthetics

Monday, September 19 by

Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody – Magic Eye

Being an Auror exposes you to quite a few on the job risks. Though the cause of his injuries is never specified, “Mad Eye” Moody receives a wooden leg and an artificial eye for his troubles. The awesome thing about the eye is that it has the magical ability to see through solids. Now that’s a power I’d want to have with Emma Watson running around.

Thomas “Tug” Benson – Stainless Steel Ear Canals

A veteran of several battles, Thomas “Tug” Benson has received his fair share of prosthetics. Not only does he have stainless steel ear canals, but his eyes are ceramic, his skin is asbestos, he has a magnetic skull plate, and his facial bones are made from aluminum siding.

Chucky – Knife Hand

You can’t let losing your hand to a falling gate get in the way of your toy factory murder spree. After his hand becomes trapped, Chucky thinks quickly by pulling the whole thing off. Then (with possible inspiration from Evil Dead 2) he jams a sharp blade into the stump. It’s going to make it hard for him to wipe but it really comes in handy for throat cutting and voodoo rituals.

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