In Honor Of ‘Dolphin Tale': 11 Handy Film Prosthetics

Monday, September 19 by

Captain Hook – Hook Hand

Losing his hand to a crocodile didn’t slow down creepy child-murderer Captain Hook. In fact, that event led to the installation of the silver hook he uses to intimidate and murder children. Plus, it allowed him to completely re-brand himself. This is an instance of accepting and embracing your handicap and making the odds turn in your favor.

The One-Armed Man – Fake Arm

Certainly not the coolest or most intimidating prosthetic on this list, but what the One-Armed Man’s balsa wood mannequin arm lacks in function, it makes up for in its sinister appearance. It looks so calm and unemotional yet has been known to take lives. It is the arm equivalent of Michael Myer’s mask.

Lt. Dan Taylor – Titanium Legs

When Lt. Dan loses his legs on the Vietnam battlefield, he sinks into a terrible depression. He even grows to hate ice cream. However an act of God makes him a very rich man — both financially and spiritually. He gets a pair of titanium legs to help him along his path which leads him to find the love of his life.

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