Dolphin Tale tells the true story of Winter the dolphin, a bottlenose who loses her tail when it becomes ensnared in a crab trap. A young boy befriends her at the marine hospital where she is recuperating, and convinces the staff there to build a prosthetic tail for her. His efforts pay off and Winter becomes the world's first bionic dolphin. Someday, she will rule over us all as we pay tribute to our Delphinidae Overlords.

But you didn't come here to listen to me jaw on about our future enslavement. You came here to learn about film's most awesome prosthetics. Here are eleven of our favorites.

Ash Williams - Chainsaw Hand

When his hand becomes demonically possessed, Ash has no choice but to have to chop it off. I hate when that happens. But the good news is that he trades up. By rigging a chainsaw over the stump where his hand was a few short hours earlier, Ash is able to level the playing field by using his awesome new chainsaw hand to rip those deadites a new one.

Darth Vader - Pretty Much Everything

If you find yourself having a lightsaber battle on the edge of an active volcano with lava bubbling at your heels, it's a good idea to win. Because if you lose (and survive), you'll find most of your body replaced with cybernetic parts and organs. The plus side is that you'll gain some pretty intimidating height and you'll end up with a more authoritative voice in case you're considering a career in voice-over.

Captain Hook - Hook Hand

Losing his hand to a crocodile didn't slow down creepy child-murderer Captain Hook. In fact, that event led to the installation of the silver hook he uses to intimidate and murder children. Plus, it allowed him to completely re-brand himself. This is an instance of accepting and embracing your handicap and making the odds turn in your favor.

The One-Armed Man - Fake Arm

Certainly not the coolest or most intimidating prosthetic on this list, but what the One-Armed Man's balsa wood mannequin arm lacks in function, it makes up for in its sinister appearance. It looks so calm and unemotional yet has been known to take lives. It is the arm equivalent of Michael Myer's mask.

Lt. Dan Taylor - Titanium Legs

When Lt. Dan loses his legs on the Vietnam battlefield, he sinks into a terrible depression. He even grows to hate ice cream. However an act of God makes him a very rich man -- both financially and spiritually. He gets a pair of titanium legs to help him along his path which leads him to find the love of his life.

Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody - Magic Eye

Being an Auror exposes you to quite a few on the job risks. Though the cause of his injuries is never specified, "Mad Eye" Moody receives a wooden leg and an artificial eye for his troubles. The awesome thing about the eye is that it has the magical ability to see through solids. Now that's a power I'd want to have with Emma Watson running around.

Thomas "Tug" Benson - Stainless Steel Ear Canals

A veteran of several battles, Thomas "Tug" Benson has received his fair share of prosthetics. Not only does he have stainless steel ear canals, but his eyes are ceramic, his skin is asbestos, he has a magnetic skull plate, and his facial bones are made from aluminum siding.

Chucky - Knife Hand

You can't let losing your hand to a falling gate get in the way of your toy factory murder spree. After his hand becomes trapped, Chucky thinks quickly by pulling the whole thing off. Then (with possible inspiration from Evil Dead 2) he jams a sharp blade into the stump. It's going to make it hard for him to wipe but it really comes in handy for throat cutting and voodoo rituals.

Jaws - Steel Teeth

Seriously, dude. Just use cable cutters. What dentist in their right mind would ever give anyone steel teeth? What's more amazing is that this villain proved his staying power and actually appeared in multiple James Bond films before switching sides and becoming a force for good.

Cherry Darling - M4 Carbine With A M203 Grenade Launcher Attachment Leg

If your prosthetic limb doesn't have the capability to launch grenades, you need a cooler prosthetic.

Doctor Octopus - Artificially Intelligent Robotic Arms

Easily the most badass prosthetics on this list. Doc Ock's tentacles slither and hiss like hungry serpents. Perfect for bank robberies and experiments in sustained fusion!!


Roy Munson Rubber Hand