In Honor Of ‘Dolphin Tale': 11 Handy Film Prosthetics

Monday, September 19 by
Baby got back. 

Dolphin Tale tells the true story of Winter the dolphin, a bottlenose who loses her tail when it becomes ensnared in a crab trap. A young boy befriends her at the marine hospital where she is recuperating, and convinces the staff there to build a prosthetic tail for her. His efforts pay off and Winter becomes the world’s first bionic dolphin. Someday, she will rule over us all as we pay tribute to our Delphinidae Overlords.

But you didn’t come here to listen to me jaw on about our future enslavement. You came here to learn about film’s most awesome prosthetics. Here are eleven of our favorites.

Ash Williams – Chainsaw Hand

When his hand becomes demonically possessed, Ash has no choice but to have to chop it off. I hate when that happens. But the good news is that he trades up. By rigging a chainsaw over the stump where his hand was a few short hours earlier, Ash is able to level the playing field by using his awesome new chainsaw hand to rip those deadites a new one.

Darth Vader – Pretty Much Everything

If you find yourself having a lightsaber battle on the edge of an active volcano with lava bubbling at your heels, it’s a good idea to win. Because if you lose (and survive), you’ll find most of your body replaced with cybernetic parts and organs. The plus side is that you’ll gain some pretty intimidating height and you’ll end up with a more authoritative voice in case you’re considering a career in voice-over.

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