In Honor Of Davy Jones: 7 Manufactured Bands (That Aren’t The Monkees)

Thursday, March 1 by

The Chipmunks

I guess The Chipmunks were a “real” band. I guess. Though the band originally existed entirely in the context of the TV show Alvin and the Chipmunks, their musical numbers were popular enough that the trio of Alvin, Simon, and slightly retarded Theodore released their own novelty record in 1958. Shockingly, the album had two hit singles, the ubiquitous “Witch Doctor” and the aptly-named “The Chipmunk Song.”

The records are still in print, thanks to the surge in popularity following the recent trilogy that David Cross is totally not going to apologize for.

Guys Next Door

As if the New Kids on the Block needed a corporate-manufactured clone, someone had the bright idea to but together The Guys Next Door. It combined all the shitty music of an early 90’s boy band, with all the shitty comedy of an episode of a Disney channel sketch show. According to Wikipedia, the band had a hit single with “I’ve Been Waiting For You.” But I’ll always remember them for the shitty intro song featured above.

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