In Honor Of Columbus Day: 7 Great Movie Explorers

Monday, October 10 by
The Goonies discover Mikey's dad's old-fashioned porn. 

A mere 519 years ago, Italian explorer Christopher Columbus discovered America. Kinda bullsh*t that he had to work on a bank holiday, but whatever, we got a country out of the deal.

He is unquestionably one of the greatest explorers in history. In fact, I’d be hard-pressed to name more than a few others. Unless those explorers had a movie based on their trials and travails. In which case, I’m a real history buff.

Carl Fredricksen and Russell – Up

You’re never too old to become an explorer. Carl Fredricksen learns this after using thousands of helium balloons to convert his house into an airship and set its course for Paradise Falls, South America. He picks up Russell by mistake and brings him along for the exotic adventure. Technically, they weren’t the first to discover Paradise Falls but they were the only explorers to survive their visit there. So, points go to them.

Edwards & Hunt - Almost Heroes

Sure, everyone knows about Lewis and Clarke. But Edwards and Hunt have sadly been lost to history. Who would have thought that there was a rival gang of overweight explorer fighting bears, Indians, and eagles while trying to discove the Pacific Ocean? Where’s their holiday??

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