In Honor Of Channing Askew: 9 Gruesome Self-Mutilation Scenes

Friday, November 4 by

Cast Away

Just when you think that things couldn’t get worse for Tom Hanks in Cast Away, he develops a toothache. The pain is so intense that he has to perform dental surgery on himself by knocking the tooth out. With. An. Ice. Skate. UGGGHHH!!!!

See what can happen when you travel without packing a toothbrush?


Much like Britney Spears, Oldboy just gets grosser the longer you watch. After depicting multiple acts of gruesome violence, the film is topped off with a character cutting his own tongue out with scissors. Not only is it nasty, but it’s also incredibly short-sighted. Is he not even considering how delicious ice cream is?

127 Hours

Based on a true story, 127 Hours stars James Franco as a thrill seeker who must cut off his own arm after it gets pinned between rocks. The gruesome scene caused many audience members to pass out, vomit, or leave the theater entirely. I’m expecting the same to happen with Tower Heist.

Do you like this story?

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