In Honor Of Channing Askew: 9 Gruesome Self-Mutilation Scenes

Friday, November 4 by
Get that skate out of your mouth, Tom Hanks. That is not food. That is a skate. 

Chicago’s fatty foods have blood on their hands. In news that seems straight out of an episode of Supernatural, a Chicago man has died after cutting his own pacemaker out of his chest. Channing Askew complained of chest pains and, while waiting for an ambulance to arrive, carved the device out with a screwdriver or knife, or perhaps some kind of hyper-advanced screw-knife hybrid?

At any rate, that’s horrifying… but it would be cool in a movie. Self-mutilation has been a popular theme in movies. Especially those that aim to creep us out. Like these gory gems.

Evil Dead

One of the most famous scenes in Evil Dead sees Bruce Campbell going to battle with his own demonically-possessed hand. After slapping himself around for awhile, he gets the bright idea to remove it with a chainsaw. Dude. It’s called rope. He could have easily subdued that thing.


Of all the ways that the Saw films managed to grind, disassemble, and splatter their victims, one of the grisliest scenarios happens in the original film. After awaking to find himself bound by chains in a filthy bathroom, Cary Elwes is faced with a life or death choice. Sit in the room and die. Or saw off his foot and hobble to safety. What’s he really need it for anyway? It’s not like he’s a professional field goal kicker.


Thirteen gives a hot look at the world of cutting. Oh wait. Those girls are actually thirteen? I didn’t mean hot. I meant, thoughtful, raw, and artistic. Yeah.

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