In Honor Of Brett Ratner: 9 Ridiculously Offensive Celebrity Quotes

Monday, November 7 by
Stay classy, Brett! 

Brett Ratner has had a rough couple of days in the press. First, he responded to veiled accusations that he masturbates while eating by claiming to have banged Olivia Munn and then forgotten about it. Of course, it was an easy mistake to make because “she wasn’t Asian back then.”

Oof. He later took those words back when they didn’t elicit the rounds of up-tops he’d expected. Then, over the weekend, when asked about his process of rehearsing with actors, he replied, “rehearsing is for fags.” Seriously, dude. STOP. TALKING. His publicist might want to keep curly fries on-hand when the press is around.

“Mmmmphff. Eating. No furffer questions.”

Don’t fret, Brett. At least you can count on these folks for conversation at this year’s Oscars after-parties.

Sean Connery

Warning: If Sean Connery offers you dating advice, do the exact opposite. For instance, 007 shared this gem with the press: “To slap a woman is not the cruelest thing you can do to her. There are women who take it to the wire. That’s what they are looking for. They want a smack.”

His stint as co-host of Love Line was short-lived.

Bill Maher

Bill Maher learned that he doesn’t necessarily have to say every thought out loud when he stated, “Retarded children are like dogs,” and added that they’re “devoted, nice, and they never develop mentally.” Who was he expecting to win over with that kind of talk? Someone like Jennifer Aniston? Oh, speaking of which….

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston put her foot way in her mouth when she appeared on Live With Regis & Kelly. During a conversation with host Regis Philbin, he asked her, “So you got to play dress up?” To which Aniston replied, “Yeah, I got to play dress up. I do it for a living, like a retard.” Ummm…. what? Why would that be her response?

Actually, this causes me to worry that Jennifer Aniston pays developmentally-disabled adults to dress up for her personal amusement. We’d better send a squad car over to her mansion.

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