In Honor Of ‘American Reunion’, Here Are 6 Other Reunion Movies Set In America

Friday, March 23 by

The Tao of Steve

In this indie film, Dex (played by Donal Logue) is a chubby slacker who seems to just have an aura about him that makes him a hit with the ladies. So all is well in the universe of Dex until he goes to his college reunion (who really goes to proper college reunions anyway?) and comes in contact with more than a few of his former flings.

Dex doesn’t appear to have changed too much from college, still maintaining a Lebowski-like existence, clad in a robe, constantly stoned, but that doesn’t stop Syd, a former conquest, from remembering him. It’s a tricky situation, one that will only be helped by smoking a ton of weed.

Grown Ups

Ugh. This dubious entry on the list serves as the only junior high reunion movie. After their coach dies 32 years after they won their middle school basketball title, the members of the team all find their way back to the lake house he took them to. The gang reminisces, pees in swimming pools, and basically do all the things that you would expect Kevin James, Adam Sandler, and Rob Schneider to do in their movies.

Please note that I never said these were all “good” films, but only films about reunions. I don’t want anyone thinking I thought Grown Ups was good. Dear God.

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