These bloody restaurant scenes define a dark family side, a deadly friendship, out of control criminal activity, bloody revenge, a scalping, and an endless round of bullets with a Hong Kong taste. One can say that there's something here for everyone. Most everyone. Pop in one of these scenes and witness an entertaining dining experience.


"The Godfather"

Talk about taking that steak rare. Michael (Al Pacino) stares with the raw energy of a silencer, capturing the audience after he returns from the bathroom. The same bathroom with a gun stashed behind the shelving. Michael blows both Sollozzo and McCluskey away at point range in this classic restaurant scene.


"Donnie Brasco"

"Donnie Brasco" and the Japanese restaurant scene has sole. The Japanese tradition is to take off one's shoes before eating, but what happens when the host doesn't give up on insisting that Donnie and his crew remove theirs? The host is taken for a walk by the boys - with their shoes on. While this pales in comparison to some other scenes on this list, we can all agree that we wouldn't want to be in the host's shoes.



Al Pacino plays Antonio Montana in "Scarface", a film about cocaine. Oh, and the drug dealer mastermind behind an empire of riches that comes crashing down when invaded by an irate associate. It all stems from the restaurant shooting where an assassination attempt on Montana left everything bloodied and messy - even Montana. Spoil alert! Montana gets his revenge.


"Kill Bill"

In this outstanding sword fight between O-Ren and the Crazy 88 against Beatrix Kiddo (a.k.a. Black Mamba; The Bride). Limbs are lost and deaths are multiplied in a one of a kind sword battle with a hairy ending. Kiddo takes on a fortress of sword fighters in a restaurant and then continues the fight outdoors. Kiddo then scalps her opponent resulting in long black hair flying and landing on the outdoor snow covered ground.


"Bloody Wednesday" 

Yes, a straight up massacre with only one obvious blooper. The shooter's gun holds an overabundant massive supply of bullets that lasted for approximately four-"ever" minutes. Special appearance by the cook, who landed on a grill of perfectly cooked eggs. The shooter targets the B-rated actors before they fall into glass, walls, and on to floors. The shooter then takes out a handgun and shoots moving people. Even the ones with red circles on their backs. Spoil alert! The shooter is shot by a victim.


"A Better Tomorrow"

This John Woo flick is like the "Goodfellas" of Hong Kong when a restaurant scene of gathered men and women end up with blood splashing in the air - close to one drop at a time. The cameraman allows viewers to witness this scene in semi-slow rotation, which doesn't leave out the slow motion death drop of characters. A good movie with a precise shooting scene.



"Desperado" is by far the best flick to watch Antonio Banderas as a badass. Playing a guy with a loaded guitar case stuffed with all the wicked guns to take out an entire restaurant and bar can't be easy. It takes Antonio little effort to create a bloodbath of barflies and employees. Just when you think it's all over, the shootout gets even more crafty. People falling here, blood splatter there, and the guy who opened fire walks out alive. Well played!