screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is adapting another young-adult sci-fi work, the 1983 tome Earthseed, which can best be described as Lord of the Flies on a spaceship. Rosenberg herself says the work tackles themes of "nature vs. nurture," which should make her 9th-grade English teacher very happy that she remembered that phrase.

After the success of Twilight franchise, Rosenberg started her own production company, Tall Girls, which will be producing Earthseed. Both the screenwriter and producers see franchise potential in the Earthseed saga, so brace yourself for like eight of these things.

Per THR, the gist of Earthseed is:
Earthseed takes place in a future where humans launch a project called Ship to carry Earth DNA into space to find a new planet on which to settle. During its flight, a group of newly grown teenagers born without traditional parents are provided a simulated Earth environment, Hollow, to test their ability to survive. As some of the kids splinter off, tensions grow between the groups and major revelations ensue at fighting erupts.

I wonder who the intergalactic version of Piggy is going to be? Jonah Hill? Jonah Hill.