Iconic 80’s Movie Fashions We Want Brought Back

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We actually do think this is a sharp look, thank you very much.  

Simpler times, those 80’s. Actually, wait. No. More complex times. The high school hierarchy was tantamount to an Indian caste system, everyone was meaner because they were on cocaine, and it seems like bullies were a bigger threat than al-Qaeda is today.

So, more complex times, I guess. But it’s hard not to long for the era represented in movies of our childhood. We can’t relive those days, but we can still dress like the 80’s. Recently, Nike made the announcement that they’re releasing Marty McFly’s Nikes from Back to the Future 2. They might not have power laces, but it’s insane to think that these won’t be the hottest shoes since #23 laced up.

Are we nostalgic yet? Technically, those “80’s” shoes were from the future, but since we’re talking McFly, let’s look back at some 80’s fashions we’d like to bring back while we’re bringing back 80’s shoes that were actually supposed to be from this era. I’ve got a headache.

And in case you missed it, here’s the Nike ad for Marty’s shoes…

9. Hockey Jersey

Hockey jerseys: when sweatpants aren’t apathetic enough. Nowadays, the only champion of the hockey jersey is (shudder) Kevin Smith. It used to be that wearing one meant you didn’t give a damn in a cool way. Now it seems to mean you just don’t give a damn.

Icons: Cameron (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

8. Canadian Tuxedo

Here’s an instance of Back to the Future displaying a fashion that actually is from the 80’s. Denim. Denim wherever you can cram it into your outfit. The more the better. You won’t look ridiculous. You’ll look like a sleek urban cowboy, only instead of rustling steer, you’ll rustle up women and jealous stares.

Icons: Marty McFly (Back to the Future) Audrey Griswold (European Vacation)

7. Shoulder Pads For Girls

Linebackers ARE sexy. So it’s no wonder that women took the initiative to give themselves wide, angular shoulders that made them look like walking V’s. Of course, congestion in narrow hallways reached an all-time high, so the style was dropped as quickly as it was embraced. However, with today’s hallways bigger than ever, let the women broaden their shoulders.

Icons: Every Heather (Heathers), Working Girls (Working Girl)

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