Huge Noses And Elf Ears: 6 Examples Of Extreme Movie Makeup

Thursday, January 5 by Joseph Gibson

frankenstein boris

“Frankenstein” Universal Studios was also famous for their fantastic makeup creations, and Boris Karloff’s transformation into Frankenstein’s monster is one of the best. The flat top, bolts out of the neck, sunken cheekbones, and deep, sorrowful eyes make up one of the most iconic faces in movies, imitated countless times over the years. And it all started with one great piece of makeup work.

mr sardonicus

“Mr. Sardonicus William Castle‘s gothic horror film features a titular character with a facial disfigurement (and makeup job) to match any of the more famous Universal creations. The mouth of the evil Sardonicus is twisted into a permanent and maniacal grin, which looks equal parts horrifying and painful.

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