Are you having problems with your game and need to know how to troubleshoot "Star Trek: Armada II"?  "Star Trek: Armada II" is a strategy video game. Running this game on your PC can eventually lead to problems and the game as you know it will not operate or function to its full capacity. Troubleshooting "Star Trek: Armada II" will be necessary at times to get the game to function again. There are a few different easy and quick things that can be done to troubleshoot "Star Trek: Armada II" and hopefully get it back up and running again.   

  1. Reboot your PC. It is possible that "Star Trek: Armada II" loaded improperly on your PC. If this occurs your will have problems opening the actual file for the game. Rebooting the computer can sometimes solve this issue. You may also need to upgrade the game to its latest version if you have not already.

  2. Select the Administrator mode run the game. Running the game in this mode will run your game on a backup system to give your PC another option to see if the game still works. To run "Star Trek: Armada II" in the Administrator mode simply right click anywhere on the desktop icon and then select the option to"Run as Administrator."

  3. Reinstall "Star Trek: Armada II." First, place the game into the correc drive and then wait for the splash screen to appear. Once this screen appears click "Install" and then you will be able to click "Repair." This will reinstall "Star Trek: Armada II" by overwriting old files with the new files making it as though the game was just used for the first time.