How To Copy & Paste In OFP Map Editor

Sunday, February 6 by Esther Lowery

Learning how to copy & paste in OFP Map Editor will allow the player to have a good layout design. OFP also known as Operation Flashpoint is a video combat game that enables players to compete against each other in first person. With the OFP Map Editor the player is able to create and personalize their own maps that can even be used in the multiplayer mode. The copy & paste function in OFP Map Editor is a great way to help players create their own maps designs.

To copy & paste in OFP Map Editor you will need:

  • OFP Map Editor
  • computer
  1. Chose the Unit Mode. First, start up the OFP Map Editor. Next, select the Unit button in the game menu. This will enable you to select the Unit Mode.
  2. Set the unit for your parameters. Once you are in the Unit Mode you will see the Unit Parameters appear on the screen in OFP Map Editor. To set you unit parameters select the unit's side, rank and class at the desired parameters and then select "OK."
  3. Click on the unit icon on the OFP Map Editor. Once you have selected your desired unit parameters, the unit icon will appear on the screen and you will be able to click on it.
  4. Copy the unit. To make a copy of the unit press the "CTRL" key and the "C" Key simultaneously.
  5. Paste the unit. Press the "CTRL" key and the "V" key simultaneously to paste a copy of the unit. This will paste a copy of the unit in the in the map area. The player can paste multiple copies of the same unit as many times that is needed in OFP Map Editor.
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