Hot sorority movies show how hot girls just want to have fun and when they get together things only get better from here on out. Movies based on sororities generally involve lots of parties, beer and of course hot babes representing their affiliation. Hot movies usually involve a sorority of some sorts that has a bevy of babes to behold, and they usually get into some crazy situations. Hot sorority movies are a spectacular genre about fun and unpredictable situations when these babes gather around and turn the world upside down.

  1. "Confessions of Sorority Girls" (1994). Alyssa Milano and Jamie Luner star as Rita and Sabrina, a couple of hot girls attending Sorority High from the 1950's. Sabrina begins to make people's lives a living hell by spreading rumors and splitting up couples for fun. Her nefarious attitude gets her in trouble with the fellow students of the school in this Uli Edel film.

  2. "H.O.T.S." (1979). This movie focuses on the misadventures of the smoking hot babes of H.O.T.S. Sorority. Former Playboy Playmates Pamela Jean Bryant and Susan Kiger along with Danny Bonaduce run rampant with wet t-shirt contests, jock raids and some hot catfights. These bouncy student bodies face the wrath of the conservative school board as well as a robbery plot from a gang of crooks. 

  3. "The House Bunny" (2008). Anna Faris is a Playboy bunny, Shelley Darlington, who tries to make a life outside of the famed mansion at the ripe, old age of 27. Shelley's wayward travels lead her to find a job as a house mother for a fading sorority and plenty of conspiring from other competing sororities. Mischief ensues when she befriends a cast of outcasts from the sorority Zeta Alpha Zeta who are about to lose their house unless they attract new members.  

  4. "Black Christmas" (2006). An escaped, homicidal maniac, Billy Lenz, returns to his childhood home only to find new occupants there on Christmas Eve. Years ago, the twisted soul was abused by his mother and eventually kills her and his stepfather. He injures his sister then is committed to a sanitarium. Sorority sisters, Kelli Presley and company, of Delta Alpha Kappa now must contend with his psychopathic rage of Billy during a Christmas party amidst a snow storm.  

  5. "Sorority Row" (2009). A group of spoiled, hot sorority sisters cover up the death of one of their own due to a prank that went horribly wrong. Rumer Willis and Audrina Patridge star as the sorority sisters who battle for their lives with Carrie Fisher as their hard as nails house mother. Soon, a mysterious serial killer emerges and starts to take out each of them one by one as they struggle with admitting their guilt versus their own survival.