People like to be scared, and this list of horror movie collection essentials films is sure to scare the pants off of even some of the most hardened moviegoers. Classic psychological thrillers and more contemporary “slasher” flicks make this list. We of course even have room for vampires…though it might not be a vampire movie you’ve ever seen.

  1. “Psycho.” This is perhaps Alfred Hitchcock’s most well-known movie, which is saying something given his prodigious output. This horror movie collection essential features a cross-dressing psychopath as its villain, and few who have seen it will ever forget the scenes of Norman having conversations with his “mother.” The shower scene, where actress Janet Leigh is hacked to death, leaves viewers with one of the most indelible images in film history.

  2. “Friday the 13th.” This movie helped ushered in the modern scary movie, evolving film from slow-moving, thinking plots to unbridled, unnecessary killing and gore. This horror movie collection essential and it’s star Jason proved to be so long-lasting that 11 sequels were made. Jason’s face-wear of choice, a hockey goalie mask, is still associated with scary images.

  3. “Nightmare on Elm Street.” “Nightmare” hit the theaters in the mid-1980’s, taking brutality in scary movies to a whole new level. One of the core aspects of scary movies is a villain who is difficult to escape. This movie’s Freddy was already dead and haunted a gang of teenagers every time they fell asleep, making him nearly impossible to avoid. Armed with a glove of razor-like fingers, Freddy made mince-meat—literally—out of most he came across in this horror movie collection essential.

  4. “Nosferatu.” "Nosferatu" was cinema’s first true scary movie, and as such is a horror movie collection essential film to own. Released in 1922 the silent movie was a whopping-for-the-time 94 minutes long, and scared audiences with its depiction of vampires. The movie was actually about Dracula, but the filmmakers did not bother to get the rights to that name and story and so made a thinly-veiled adaptation. The movie was a highly influential piece of art.

  5. "The Exorcist." This movie from the early 1970’s was said to be based on true events, though given the shocking content one would be terrified to imagine the things in this movie actually happening. Young Linda Blair plays a possessed girl who in taken on by priests from the Jesuit Georgetown University. A spinning head and projectile green vomit are just two of the scary images from this horror movie collection essential.