Hollywood’s Biggest Tax Write-Offs Of 2011

Tuesday, April 17 by

The Thing

The Thing prequel couldn’t twist a profit out of its attempt at a reboot. Hardcore horror fans stayed home causing the movie to earn back $27.4 million of its $38 million budget.

The Big Year

Have Owen Wilson, Jack Black, and Steve Martin all lost their draw as leading men? The Big Year starred the trio as competitive birdwatchers whose competition causes them to face their own failings. With a worldwide gross of $7.4 million, it’s safe to say the $41 million budget will be written off as a loss. Not sure if its fair to pin this one on the leads, or the fact that the movie is about competitive birdwatching.

The Rum Diary

The combined draw of seeing Johnny Depp imitate Hunter S. Thompson, Amber Heard naked, and Aaron Eckhart‘s chin-butt wasn’t enough to make The Rum Diary a success. To date it has earned back $21.6 million of its original $45 million.

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