Hollywood’s Biggest Tax Write-Offs Of 2011

Tuesday, April 17 by

Cowboys & Aliens

Hollywood’s expectation that audiences were ready for revisionist history tales may have proved a bit too impetuous. Cowboys & Aliens, though a solid genre mash up, wasn’t the summer hit it was expected to be with a profit of $15 million. If it is in fact the high-concept material that kept audiences away, the producers of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter should prepare to chalk it up as a loss.

Green Lantern

The Warner Bros accountants are going to get some serious hand cramps with all of these write-offs. Their tent pole superhero film, Green Lantern, suffered from bad word of mouth before its theater run due to promos featuring unfinished effects. The effects were revised prior to release but in a summer already overwhelmed with superhero movies, audiences weren’t drawn to Ryan Reynolds’ digital spandex of Peter Sarsgaard‘s giant forehead.

I Don’t Know How She Does It

I don’t know how I Don’t Know How She Does It did as well as it did at the box office. “Well” in this instance is a $6 million profit.

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