Hollywood’s Biggest Tax Write-Offs Of 2011

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Warner Bros Exec: "Let's burn this green paper!" 

2011 was a tough year for films at the box office. There were a good share of high profile bombs which means tax day is going to be a busy one in Hollywood. Amongst the write-offs are remakes and action epics, none of which were able to spark the interest of moviegoers. And so, as the accounting books are closed on 2011, we celebrate the top movies nobody bothered to see.

Mars Needs Moms

The honor of bombiest bomb to ever have bombed in 2011 goes to Mars Needs Moms. Produced for $150 million, it has thus far grossed $39 million worldwide. Normally, animated family films like this clean up at the box office, but the creepy dead-eyed mutant aliens of Mars failed to entice youngsters.

Sucker Punch

In the past, girls + underwear + slow motion have always added up to a hit. That’s why Warner Bros must be confused as they close the books on Zack Snyder‘s Sucker Punch. The dreamlike action film earned $89.8 million on a budget of $82 million. So, yes it did turn a profit but hardly. If only Vanessa Hudgens hadn’t gone and given it away for free on the Internet.


Warner Bros also felt the sting of a bomb with the remake of Arthur. Russell Brand stars as the filthy rich party boy who considers giving it all up for true love. The film barely eked out a profit $5.7 million. The lesson here is that Fitz & The Tantrums can’t hold a candle to the widespread appeal of Christopher Cross.

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