Hollywood’s Top 10 Best Bad Girls

Monday, October 17 by

Courtney Love

On the other end of the professional spectrum is Courtney Love, a woman who never saw a societal value she didn’t want to break in half (whether or not this includes Nirvana is up to you). Also, she just looks grimy a lot of the time. Never showering or washing your hair gets you like 10 points on the bad girl scale automatically.

Shannen Doherty

Doherty’s off-screen antics and reputation as a “difficult” performer are legendary. This is probably why she’s departed so many TV shows and productions due to “creative disputes” or other such euphemisms. I’m not enough of a Hollywood insider to know exactly that Doherty’s problem is, but I’m sure if you ask around somebody’ll tell you.

Tara Reid

It’s every actress’s dream to be recognized for excellence in the craft of acting. Or, barring that, achieving fame for accidentally flashing your nipple in front of cameras. Tara Reid may not win any acting awards any time soon, but her performance as “Tara Reid” in the drama known as “real life” makes her a bad girl to remember.

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