Action movies may get all the attention, but all those cool gadgets and stuff that the heroes use are created by nerds. Nerds and geeks are the lifeblood of the world, inventing all types of cool and complicated stuff that the general public can use to play "Angry Birds". These seven films, while sometimes mocking in tone, pay tribute to the nerdy heroes of the world!

"Revenge of the Nerds".

It's time for the nerds to get some vengeance. The jocks have it easy; they have the looks, the girls, and a flashy skill set that won't do them any good after college. The nerds, meanwhile, are housed in a gymnasium and are left to lick the crumbs off of society's floor. Enter Lewis and Gilbert, and their motley crew of social misfits. Using the power of their brains (and their mighty social awkwardness) they are able to turn the tables on their jock enemies.


Who says that monkeying around with computers can't be sexy? With Angelina Jolie in the mix, sexy is the order of the day. This film wanted to elevate nerdish hobbies like hacking into the realm of the cool and the subversive, and gave its photogenic stars sweet handles like "Acid Burn" and "Crash Override". Okay, maybe the nicknames aren't that sweet. If you've ever aspired to be a model-esque hacker, "Hackers" is the classic nerd movie you need.

"Weird Science".

This film represents the ultimate fantasy for many a nerd. What's the solution when you're struggling with the opposite sex? No, not a shower and a new wardrobe. You just need to invent the perfect woman! It's so genius that it almost hurts. Nerd king Anthony Michael Hall succeeds in doing just that, as he conjures up his very own model in the form of ultra-hot Kelly LeBrock.

"Short Circuit".

"Johnny alive!" Combining equal parts nerd romance, military pursuit, and 1980s goofiness, this film had it all. Well, maybe not "all", but it sure did make for a fun nerd movie. Steve Guttenberg is at his white-guy-afro'd best here as the creator of a robot who develops consciousness. Johnny 5 spends his time searching for input, avoids being "disassembled," and finds time to slow dance with Ally Sheedy.

"War Games".

Generally speaking, nerds don't have to use a computer to change their grades in school. They're smart people, so grades come easy. But in the 1980s classic "War Games", Matthew Broderick is cool, too cool for school in fact, so he needs his computer to fix his GPA. Also, he uses his computer to dive head-long into military launch sequences and exercises. We've all been there, right? Jousting with the Pentagon just for a laugh sounds fun in this movie. In real life, the government has you exiled to the ends of the Earth.


Dan Aykroyd doesn't make a habit of playing cool people. Nerd characters are right up his alley, so it makes sense that he had a key role in the caper flick "Sneakers". When you think "nerds" and "computers" you may not immediately think of all-time sex symbol Robert Redford, but here he is, shoulder to shoulder with actors playing phone experts with awesome hearing and hackers in pursuit of a mysterious black box. The movie turns into a pursuit for the black box, showing that nerds can be adept at fleeing evil foreign governments. At least, they can in the movies.

"Pirates of Silicon Valley".

Anthony Michael Hall strikes again! After showing he could play a mean jock in "Edward Scissorhands", Hall returns to the roles that made him rich with a trip back to the land of the nerds. This time, he brings along Noah Wyle, so the "ER" loving ladies out there have someone to ogle during drawn out scenes about memory and gigabytes and so forth. Hollywood has never been too sharp when it comes to portraying technology, but this film does an admirable job of keeping things simple and digestible enough that even non-nerds can get some enjoyment out of it.