Here’s Why The Muppets Should Be Hosting The Oscars Instead Of Billy Crystal

Thursday, November 10 by

I Would Love To See The Look On Animal’s Face When Midnight In Paris Wins Best Original Screenplay

For years in interviews, Animal has derided Woody Allen’s post-Manhattan career, so it would be interesting to see how he responds to an Allen win. This is Woody’s year, whether Animal wants to believe it or not.

No One’s Ever Accused The Muppets’ Brand Of Humor As Being “Too New York Jew-y”

The same cannot be said for Billy Crystal. And at least the Gonzo wouldn’t drone on and on about the Yankees.

Miss Piggy’s Wardrobe

It would be absolutely amazing to see fashionistas the world over spend Oscar night and the following week critiquing Miss Piggy and her outfit without a shred of irony.

“Miss Piggy!!!! You look fabulous! Who are you wearing? Is that vintage Valentino?”

We would also get to see USWeekly do their “Who Wore It Better?” piece putting Gwyneth Paltrow up against Miss Piggy.

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