Comic-Con 2012 has come and gone, leaving movie and television fans with a lot of answers, almost as many questions, and convention goers with the lingering question of what the hell they’re going to do with a zombie Stormtrooper costume for the next 360 days.

Comic-Con has long existed to serve niche interests in entertainment and comics, but over the years, the “niche” has grown to include more and more topics of interest to general entertainment fans. Consequently, the comings and goings of Comic-Con fall into two camps: stuff movie fans might care about and stuff only nerds will care about.

Here at Screen Junkies, we hate nerds. We absolutely despise them. They are weak and have difficulty with women, which presents them from passing on their genes to future generations. Totally lame.

However, we do enjoy the former camp, the movie fans that click on our articles and patronize our advertisers, so this rundown of Comic-Con exists to serve them.

If you’re a nerd, stop reading. This isn’t for you.

Fans Camping Out for The Walking Dead, Twilight, and Game of Thrones Panels

While lots of panels can fill their venues, it was this triumverate that managed to garner enough interest to not only fill the vaunted “Hall H,” but get people to camp out overnight to guarantee access. Twilight is the biggest story here, not only because the cast and crew have made Comic-Con a regular stop for a half-dozen or so years, but also because a fan camped out in line was tragically hit by a car and killed after being camped out in line for days.

The 50 Shades of Grey Author Also Got Overnight Lines

One story that would best be left unreported would be the appearance of 50 Shades of Grey author E L James, who turned an entire generation of women on to the existence of butt plugs. James conducted a signing that also had fans camping out overnight. However, I didn’t include it in the above list of panels that fans camped out for because I find 50 Shades of Grey to be exceptionally dumb to the point that it deserves its own section.

Yes, I find it dumber than Twlight. Somehow.

The Hobbit Will Be Two Films, Not Three

We covered this earlier. See here for the whole story.

Oz: The Great and Powerful Trailer

It’s been a while since we got inundated with James Franco entertainment news stories every fourteen seconds. On behalf of entertainment journalists everywhere:

Welcome back, old friend.

The Big Bang Theory Will Send a Fan to Space

At the show’s Hall H panel on Friday, the show announced that it would be sending one “lucky” fan into space about the Lynx RLV rocket.

From the coverage, it seemed as though this parallels a plotline in the show, but I don’t watch The Big Bang Theory, so all I can do is guess. Or do about thirty seconds of research. Nah. I’ll guess.

The announcement allowed the Warner Bros. PR team to drop fun little pull quotes like, "I guess you can say we are over the moon that we were able to give away a trip to space to a Big Bang Theory fan.”

Cute, guys. Real cute.

The Newly-Announced Godzilla Remake Will Be “Realistic”

You know that insufferable friend that always picks out the logical inconsistencies in films that shouldn’t be presumed to have any logical consistency in the first place? Well, he or she will be delighted to know that there’s a Godzilla movie in the works from helmer Gareth Edwards.

I guess this realistic take on Godzilla will only be somewhat realistic, as it will still feature a giant mutant lizard destroying cities.

That’s pretty realistic, I guess.