Learn about Hallmark channel movies. Most of us know that Hallmark is the channel with shows and movies that have heavy potential to make anyone–men included–cry. If the movies don't make you cry, they still make you feel and think in a meaningful, thoughtful  way. Many Hallmark channel movies leave you in a feel-good mood when you finish watching one. These movies have real meaning, and substance to them. They are not usually comedies.

  1. "Loves Comes Softly" This is such a sweet Hallmark channel movie, but has a masculine touch to it. Katherine Heigl comes to the frontier and is only temporarily supposed to stay with a widowed dad and his young daughter. But as times goes on something magical happens and you'll have to find out if she stays permanently or goes back to the city.

  2. "Annie" Yes, the beloved musical "Annie." The story of a red-headed orphan who starts out in an orphanage and gets the rags to riches ending but has loads and loads of heart. This Hallmark channel movie is timeless but not as likely to make you cry. Unless you are a softy of a guy.

  3. "101 Dalmatians" Ahhh, the animated children's cartoon movie about a huge dog-loving family who is kid napped from their owners for their spotted fur. Most of us know how it turns out, but for those of us with a mushy side or those of us who are kid's at heart, you'll enjoy watching this cartoon movie on the Hallmark channel.

  4. "Elevator Girl" This is a Hallmark channel movie with a grown up Lacey Chabert in it. In this Hallmark channel movie, she is a free spirit who falls for a lawyer. Their characters are polar opposites, so you'll have to find out what happens with them. It's a good Saturday afternoon Hallmark channel movie.