Green Screen: 7 Movies Shot With Digital Environments

Thursday, January 12 by Joseph Gibson

green screen.jpg

In the golden age of cinema, filmmakers had to scout out locations or build sets for their movies. Now, directors have the freedom that comes with all-digital environments, built in a computer and made to look however the director wants. All they need is the right software and buckets of green paint. Here are a few movies made with these types of techniques, for you to enjoy from the comfort of your living room/virtual reality chamber.

“Sin City”


One of the most common reasons to go with the green screen approach when you’re making a movie is to capture the look of a particular graphic work: In most cases, a comic book. And Robert Rodriguez spared nothing in bringing Frank Miller‘s crime comics to the screen with an often-creepy accuracy. The actors in “Sin City” don’t just resemble the characters they’re playing: They seem somehow xeroxed from page to the screen.

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