The film "Never Back Down" resonates with audiences, not only because of it's showcasing of gritty MMA moves, but also because it addresses several of the problems that ordinary people deal with in their lives. The protagonist struggles with his identity, he has problems with his family life, he faces challenges when he tries to fit in at a new school.  Tyler also faces challenges in his personal life. The girl he likes, Baja Miller,  is involved with his rival and is partially responsible for getting him into an unfair fight. These challenges and Tyler's his inability to exert self control were struggles audiences can relate to. Those who can relate to the film might also enjoy these 5 great MMA movies like "Never Back Down."



Like "Never Back Down," "Fighting" tells the story of a young man who is struggling. While Tyler struggles to fit into his school, Fighting's protagonist, Sean MacArthur struggles to make a living on the streets of New York. Like Tyler, MacArthur faces challenges in his personal relationships. He suspects the woman he loves of having a relationship with his friend Harvey—but it turns out their relationship is strictly professional. Like "Never Back Down", "Fighting" features gritty fighting scenes and intense action and showcases a variety of impressive MMA moves.


"Never Surrender"

"Never Surrender", like "Never Back Down," involves a hero who is lured, unexpectedly into a dangerous situation. The protagonist, Diego Carter, is an MMA world champion who unwittingly  ends up in a tournament that turns out to be one in which the must fight to the death. Carter is played by Argentinian actor and fighter Hector Echavarria, who also wrote and directed the film.



"Unrivaled" is another Hector Echavarria film that is a little like "Never Back Down." The protagonist, Ringo Duran, is a young man with struggles. He struggles with his identity—not knowing how good he actually is at fighting. He also struggles financially—working two jobs to pay his bills. Like Tyler in "Never Back Down," he finds the solution to his troubles in the ring.


"Here Comes The Boom"

While the protagonist of "Here Comes the Boom" is not a young man, the film is still somewhat like "Never Back Down." The protagonist is Scott Voss, a school teacher who is struggling with his identity. He was once a good school teacher, but bureaucratic regulations make him stop trying - until the school cuts its music program and plans to fire the one teacher who still gives everything for his students. Like the protagonist in "Never Back Down," Voss finds the solutions to his problems in MMA fighting.


"Locked Down"

"Locked Down" stars Tony Schiena as a policeman who is sent to prison after he is set up to take the fall for a crime he didn't commit. While in prison, he is forced into an underground MMA ring.  Like in "Never Back Down" the solution to Schiena's troubles lies in fighting. If he wins, he can avenge himself—but fights in the ring are sometimes fought to the death. If he loses, he may die. With gritty violence, scantily clad women and scenes packed with glorious MMA action, this MMA movie is similar to "Never Back Down."