Grammy Time: 7 Great Soundtracks To 7 Horrible Films

Thursday, December 1 by

Garden State

I’m hesitant to praise even this soundtrack, as I have a seething hatred of this whiney, whiney film. And while The Shins won’t change your life, as Natalie Portman promises, they are one of a number of good indie artists on the soundtrack. Sure, the characters are emotional wrecks and Zach Braff really piled on the fromage in his debut, but the truth is that emotional hipsters sadly have pretty good taste in music, so try to co-opt their music without also getting their baggage.

50 First Dates

While a serviceable romantic comedy, 50 First Dates is still pretty awful overall. It’s hard to distinguish between Along Came Polly, which is a red flag right there. Its one saving grace is its soundtrack, which like Judgment Night’s is largely conceptual in that every song is a cover of an 80’s song, but in a reggae style. Lots of songs don’t work (like the 311 cover of “Love Song”) but those that do allow the listener to revisit some spectacular songs in a completely new way.

It’s the most innovative thing that Adam Sandler’s been a part of in years.

Soundtracks I Wanted to Include on This List, But the Films Were Too Good:

So I Married An Axe Murderer


The Crow

New Jack City

Above the Rim

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