Grammy Time: 7 Great Soundtracks To 7 Horrible Films

Thursday, December 1 by

Twilight: New Moon

Predictably, the first Twilight soundtrack appeared to be a random amalgamation of dated artists and poppy emo, but by the time New Moon rolled around, it seems that the producers had a more focused approach. They got no less than Thom Yorke, Death Cab, BRMC, Lykke Li, Editors, and Band of Skulls to provide the ambiance for scenes of Taylor Lautner’s wet, wet abs.

No matter how good you think this installment of Twilight was, the soundtrack is better.

Grosse Point Blank

Not without its charm, Grosse Point Blank is a mess of a film, as any film with Dan Aykroyd as a bad guy is expected to be. I have a soft spot for this film, but upon reflection, I realize that all the scenes I enjoyed were the result of a killer and diverse soundtrack that offered second-wave ska, Pete Townshend, and Guns n’ Roses. The soundtrack is a delightful mess that works as a whole for reasons beyond comprehension. Watch the above video and try to disagree.

Purple Rain

Prince is a very bad actor. Purple Rain is a very bad movie. But the soundtrack is full of enough Prince classics like “Let’s Go Crazy” and “Darling Nikki” that it can still be enjoyed as a big music video compilation. But anyone who tells you that they love the film Purple Rain is guilty of graduating from the Kevin Smith School of Nostalgia Blindness. Sure, the film can be enjoyed on a campy level, but the soundtrack can be enjoyed on every level, which is a rarity.

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