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Ok, maybe this does not make google plus easier 

Even if you are the sort of editor person that cares more about Eric Stolz than Eric Schmidt, our simple guide to Google + (“G+”) will make everything ok.  Follow our directions and you can make it easier to find valuable movie information on the web without sifting through useless spam.


what is google plus

Ok, maybe this does not make google plus easier


First, there’s Google plus Circles which are like votes for individual people in the same way links are a “vote” for websites. This allows Google to better understand who the really cool kids are that everyone follows.

Second you have Google plus Sparks to consider which is essentially a database of each of your particular interests, like watching movies…

Finally you have the the plus 1 button which is a basic way of saying this website is cool, or by not hitting the button you can this website is shite.

With that in mind here are a few film sites we think you should be hitting +1 on, besides of course, our site!  Keep the web clear of crap, and have a more enjoyable film experience – nothing wrong with that.

Boofi .net: Boofi is a new resource that let’s you rate and share your favorite films in a new and interesting way. Everything revolves around charts where you place the posters for your favorite films. You can place everything manually, in the way that you see fit. Whenever you watch any movie that knocks you off your feet then you can simply add its poster to your chart, and give it the prominence that you see fit.

Cuethat .com:  Cue That This is a browser plugin, which allows you to select a movie title on any webpage and send that movie directly to your Netflix queue.  This way the next time you read about a cool movie on Screenjunkies, just hit a button on your browser and boom – right into your netflix cue.

Inveni .com:   Inveni is an entertainment focused discovery engine will suggest new TV shows and movies after completing an extensive analysis of your existing tastes. On your first visit to the site you will create a “Taste Profile” that will enable Inveni to come up with highly-personalized recommendations.  In addition to these recommendations that are based on your universal tastes, the site lets you interact with your friends from all over the Social Web. You will be able to suggest movies to each other, and also to discuss the ones that you have seen in a centralized way. is a peaceful oasis stuck between the endless war between Fandango and Movie Tickets .com.  While the two giants in the space try to guide you towards movie theaters where they can make a quick fifty cents off of a ticket sale, this site provides unbiased listings for all theaters.

Soundboard .com:  “Hamsters on a plane!”  If this sounds like something you might say check out soundboard.  They have a great collection of celebrity quotes that you can easily pull up and prevent yourself from looking like an ass at your next party.  Sites like Soundboard face a lot of competition from useless spam sites, so do the web a favor and add a google plus 1 to these guys, along with everyone else on the list.


Whatever you think of the web, we think Google Plus can become a tool to make the Internet a better place.  At a minimum it makes way more sense than say creating a 51st state!



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    i sure wish there were links in this article that sure would be helpful for me to access all these great sites

  2. July 12, 2011 10:36 pm

    Peter Sneedman

    What the matter – lose your fingers up there

  3. July 12, 2011 10:36 pm

    Nikki Ralston is the first and only taste and mood based semantic discovery engine for TV shows and movies. Jinni offers a varierty of discovery features including semantic search, where you can search like you speak. For example, type in ‘cynical humor about family relations’
    You can also browse for titles using the Jinni Eternatinment Genome of natural language terms to describe the mood and plot you’re looking for.
    Of course, once you create a free account and rate some of your favorite titles, Jinni can begin making excelent personalized recommendations.
    You can also connect your free Jinni account directly to Netflix to keep you queue stocked with great titles that suit your taste.

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