There are a number of good movies to watch with your girlfriend. The first thing that needs to be determined however, is what type of result you want from the movie you are going to watch with her. Is this movie part of a date that you guys are having together, or is this movie going to lead to some hanky panky later? Whatever the answer is will determine the tone of the good movie to watch with your girlfriend. So choose from this list wisely based upon the result of the movie you plan on watching together.

  1. "Wedding Crashers." Women love to laugh and they also love romantic comedies. "Wedding Crashers," which stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, has plenty of both of these things, and will make your girlfriend laugh and then also swoon by the end, making her happy she spent the time to watch the movie with you. Everybody wins, as it will also be enjoyable for you.

  2. "Before Sunrise." This is a modern romantic fantasy movie, about two attractive people who meet in Vienna and spend the day and night walking the city and talking about their lives and who they are. What makes it even better is that it is brilliantly written and stars Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphi at their most attractive, which will put both you and your girlfriend in a romantic mood.

  3. "When Harry Met Sally." One of the most classic romantic comedies of all time is a perfect good movie to watch with your girlfriend, as it chronicles the relationship between two people over the course of their lives and how they finally end up together. It's also hilarious, starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in the absolute primes of their careers.

  4. "The Last Seduction." An edgy and sexy thriller about a manipulative woman who steals money from her ex-husband and seduces a guy in a small town to help her out of her criminal jam. It stars Linda Fiorentino and Peter Berg early in their careers and is incredibly sexy and empowering for women to watch, hopefully putting your girlfriend in a kinky mood for a post-movie romp.

  5. "The Notebook." While you might not be able to stomach it, this is a good movie to watch with your girlfriend, as it is considered one of the most romantic movies made in the last twenty years, if not longer. She'll undoubtedly be in tears and will look at you like Rachel McAdams looks at Ryan Gosling, which is a good thing.

-Eli Kooris