If you are trying to figure out just the right film that will set a fun and romantic mood, here are some good movies to watch with a date. These movies will make you laugh, while others will open a dialog that will likely save any conversation anxiety that sometimes comes along with the dating game.

  1. "Grease" This was the original high school musical and the inspiration for many teen movies that have followed. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John star as high schoolers in love. The movie is an exuberant romp and it will make you feel young. After all, the actors playing it were in their late twenties, 30s or older, yet they pull off the teen look wonderfully. The music can't be beat.

  2. "Little Miss Sunshine" This movie stars an ensemble cast that hit all the right notes. It's a charming story that's everything you wouldn't expect from a movie about a little girl who aspires to be a beauty contestant. "Little Miss Sunshine" an unforgettable date movie, which will likely help the date itself to be unforgettable.

  3. "Some Like It Hot" Marilyn Monroe gives the comedic performance of her career in this hilarious comedy. The story gets complicated when two musicians in the Prohibition era end up being forced to dress in drag... then fall in love.

  4. "Almost Famous" This cinematic comedy follows the story of a young boy who gets a dream assignment: following his favorite rock band on the road for a story for a big-time magazine. He experiences coming-of-age on the edge. The very talented Fairuza Balk steals the show as a "Band-Aid."

  5. "Practical Magic" This is a magical, enchanting movie based on the novel by Alice Hoffman. It stars Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock; both stars have gone on to win Academy Awards, by the way! Their work in this movie is top notch. The movie is about two sisters and their lives and loves complicated by a magical past and secret.

  6. "Urban Cowboy" This feature film from the 1980s features John Travolta and Debra Winger as star-crossed country lovers who fight in bars and find excitement through riding a mechanical bull. The sexism and acceptance of domestic violence is very jarring, but the movie will really get you talking.

  7. "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" Most movies that center around an engagement would not be ideal for a date. Who wants that kind of awkward pressure? However, this movie is the exception. The acting is impeccable and the story is both interesting and intricate. It asks important questions and the well-written script has dialogue that will stay with you for days. It's definitely a conversation starter.

  8. "Poltergeist" This film is great for a date because it doesn't get too heavy. This was a horror movie that hit in the early 1980s and has become something of a pop culture staple. Although rumors have whirled that there is a curse on those who acted in the film (because the two daughters in the film died very young), the movie is an enduringly great scary flick. It's not gross except for a scene or two. It gives more of a psychological thrill.

  9. "The Virgin Suicides" This movie is set in Michigan in the 1970s. It's poetic, dark, yet dreamy. It makes a fun date movie since it also chronicles the interesting high school love story of teens Lux and Trip. It's one of the most faithful book adaptations brought to the screen!

  10. "Doc Hollywood" This film from the early 1990s is a romantic comedy with a lot of heart. It stars Michael J. Fox as a Hollywood doctor who takes a wrong turn and ends up having his life changed forever. It's a fun date movie because it doesn't take itself too seriously and provides joyful entertainment.