Good Cop, Bad Cop: The 7 Craziest Cinematic Police Pairings

Monday, March 12 by

Ivan Danko and Art Ridžić, Red Heat

Another buddy cop genre entry from 48 Hrs.’ Walter Hill, Red Heat pairs a Russian detective played by Arnold Schwarzenegger with a Chicago cop played by Jim Belushi. These two acting powerhouses proceed to get on each other’s nerves after a series of plot developments force them together in order to track down a villainous crime lord.  Schwarzenegger fans know he can bring the crazy (in a good way!) and Belushi is no slouch in this department.

Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman, Hot Fuzz

An underused comedy trope is the guy who’s really, really good at his job. It gets a workout in Hot Fuzz, the genre-spoofing modern classic from Edgar Wright. Nicholas Angel is that guy, and he’s partnered with the less-underused trope of a dumb fat guy who’s terrible at his job and has a funny name to boot (Butterman. Ha.). They make it work somehow, though, and in between messy ice cream bars they take down the bad guy, just like it’s supposed to happen. Crazy!

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