Good Cop, Bad Cop: The 7 Craziest Cinematic Police Pairings

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James Carter and Lee, Rush Hour

One cool way to insert a little craziness into a police duo is to introduce a major language barrier. That’s the general idea behind Rush Hour and its sequels, which pairs motormouthed Chris Tucker with Chinese fella Jackie Chan, who’s really good at karate but not so good at communicating with Chris Tucker. They get into all kinds of action-comedy hijinks, but they eventually save the day at the end. At least until Rush Hour 4: Jackie Chan Kills Chris Tucker is finally released.

Allen Gamble and Terry Hoitz, The Other Guys

Even by crazy cop standards, these two are a little nuts. Gamble is Will Ferrell, a forensic accountant (yes, they apparently exist) who’s never fired his gun. Hoitz is Mark Wahlberg, a hothead who’s been stuck in the accounting department ever since he accidentally shot Derek Jeter at the World Series. They’re thrust into the spotlight after a couple hotshot cops inexplicably jump off of a tall building, and it only gets crazier from there. One memorable example is their employment of the “bad cop, worse cop” routine, in which Wahlberg acts really intimidating towards the subject and Will Ferrell acts even worse, going bonkers and throwing furniture around. It does not work.

Jake Riley and the Replicant, Replicant

Possibly the most insane law enforcement duo in the history movies, and you might not have ever heard of it because it’s a direct-to-video movie starring Michael Rooker and Jean-Claude Van Damme. But don’t go by its reputation – Rooker plays a recently-retired police detective who is tormented by the serial killer he was never able to catch (Jean-Claude Van Damme). So he’s contacted by a top-secret government agency who has a crazy plan to end all crazy plans: They made a clone of the murderer (JCVD again, with the mind of a very young child) who has a psychic connection with him. And the clone has to live in Rooker’s house until they catch the guy. I am not making this up. The craziest scene is probably the childlike JCVD‘s encounter with a prostitute, but you should really just watch the movie for yourself.

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