Get To Know Director Bobcat Goldthwait

Tuesday, January 31 by

World’s Greatest Dad

With World’s Greatest Dad, Goldthwait was officially a director to watch. The dark comedy stars Robin Williams as a single father who enjoys and manipulates the attention he gets after his young son’s untimely passing. Besides being hysterical and cutting, it exposes the hypocrisy and selfishness that is rampant in modern society. It’s available on Netflix Streaming and highly recommended.

God Bless America

Goldthwait’s latest doesn’t appear to pull any punches. Joel Murray stars as a man diagnosed with an inoperable tumor. He decides to take America’s biggest douchebags out with him. One bullet at a time. Which means our supply of reality television stars gets seriously depleted. God Bless America is playing now on the festival circuit and you should be getting a call about its explosive subject matter from your nana in the next few months.

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