The "Step Up 3D" Soundtrack list accompanies the film "Step Up 3D," which was released in the summer of 2010 by Touchstone Pictures and Summit Entertainment. This movie is meant as a 3D version of the third popular dancing movie franchise "Step Up," in which street dancers strut their stuff and show off their passion for dancing and for life. The "Step Up 3D" soundtrack list is one of the most important parts of this movie experience, as it offers dance music which is important for both the main characters in the movie, as well as the audience, to be able to dance effectively too. The best of the "Step Up 3D" Soundtrack list is below, with some of the newest and most popular artists making "Step Up"-caliber songs today.

"Club Can't Handle Me" by Flo Rida (featuring David Guetta) This first song off the "Step Up 3D" soundtrack list is by Flo Rida, who has grown in popularity in recent years for his mainstream hip-hop and dance music, which is played regularly in numerous clubs around the world. The title reflects the overall tone of the "Step Up 3D" movie, as well.

"This Instant" by Sophia Fresh (featuring T-Pain) Sophia Fresh, a female hip-hop and pop artist, does the third song off the "Step Up 3D" soundtrack list, adding a different sound to soundtrack almost off the bat. The song also features popular rapper T-Pain, who is known for popularizing the auto tune sound.

"Fancy Footwork" by Chromeo This small, fun dance band known as Chromeo makes waves on the "Step Up 3D" soundtrack list, as they are a mix of up beat European dance music and fun, American dance music. This is a refreshing soundtrack song, as it is about focusing on the movement of dancing, rather then sexual undertones associated with it.

"Tear Da Roof Off" by Busta' Rhymes  Busta' Rhymes does this track off the "Step Up 3D" soundtrack list, somehow managing to keep himself current and popular with his wild rapping and beats. It's a familiar sound which is also fun to dance and jump to.

"Up" by Jesse McCartney This has nothing to do with the popular Pixar film released earlier that year. Rather "Up"  by Jesse McCartney is a track off the "Step Up 3D" soundtrack list that will be popular in a club, even thought it sounds like countless hip-hop and dance songs released a few years before it.

"Move (if you Wanna')" by Mims  The guy known as Mims does this track off the "Step Up 3D" soundtrack list, providing a good hip-hop track to the soundtrack that focuses primarily on dance music.