George Lucas’ 8 Most Irritating Changes To The ‘Star Wars’ Films

Thursday, August 25 by

Jabba in A New Hope

Jabba’s cut scene from Episode IV: A New Hope had long been discussed in hushed tones in basements o’er the land during Dungeons & Dragons games. When the Special Edition hit the streets many teenage boys felt a slight quivering in the loins at the prospect of seeing this scene added back into the film. Then we saw a sub-rotoscope Jabba chewing the fat with Han Solo. The rotund Irishman who stood in for Jabba during filming would have been better.

“Weesa Free!”

Seriously, this was just so gratuitous it hurts. Capitalizing on the overwhelming popularity of everyone’s favorite Gungan, Jar-Jar Binks, Lucas decided it would be a wonderful idea to have his velvet voice end Return of the Jedi for the DVD boxed set edition. To that end, Lucas inserted a clip of an unidentified Gungan shouting “Weesa free!” during the final scene. That’s George Lucas for you. Always making a great thing even better.

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