George Lucas’ 8 Most Irritating Changes To The ‘Star Wars’ Films

Thursday, August 25 by

CGI Yoda

Irritated, you will be, when the new Blu-Ray version of Star Wars drops. Lucas has decided to use CGI over the puppet of Yoda in Episode I: The Phantom Menace. This is ostensibly to match Yodas across the prequel trilogy. While fans might appreciate the consistency, a physical foam-rubber object always trumps a non-existent digital specter.

Hayden Christensen in Return of the Jedi

Even professional fanboy Harry Knowles balked at this change. Upon release of the DVD box set, Hayden Christensen was inserted into the final scene of Return of the Jedi. Because you want to be reminded of a scrawny whiner even when you’re watching the classics. Thanks a lot, George!

Yub-Nub Removal

Who doesn’t love the sound of Ewoks singing? George Lucas, apparently. When the greatest auteur of his generation (ahem) went back and butchered the classics for the DVD boxed set, he decided he didn’t like the song at the end, popularly known as the “jub-jub” or “yub-nub” song. The song you spent half your childhood singing under your breath can no longer be found in any official Star Wars media.

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