Most films that are based off of video games end up being terrible despite the overwhelming popularity of the game series but some end up being known as the best gamer movies of all time.  These films may still be terrible, but they have some level of entertainment for all the viewers and draw on a huge video game fanbase. 

  1. "Mortal Kombat."  This film, based on the video game series, is great because it follows very closely to the video game series plot and also is filled with action.  The video game and the movie both consists of fighters who have been brought together in order to fight to save the universe. 

  2. "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time."  Filled with sand and swordplay, this film is action-packed but doesn't make the video game ridiculously portrayed.  This movie follows a bunch of characters as they attempt to grasp hold of a prized object with the power to control time much like the video game. 

  3. "Silent Hill."  This film is one of the best movies based on a video game despite the fact it seems to be barely related to the video game because that are just so many terrible films based on video games.  The film is filled with tons of gore and really lacks the story that made "Silent Hill" great as a video game. 

  4. "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider."  Tomb Raider has been a popular video game franchise for years because of the sexiness of its main character, Lara CroftAngelina Jolie brings that sexiness to a new level.  Lara Croft plays a character similar to Indiana Jones as she journeys through deserts and tombs in search of artifacts. 

  5. "Resident Evil"  The suspense and thrill of the video game is still around in this film remake but the general plot is non-existent.  The sequel is just as bad too but they both still have that excitement and are jam-packed with zombie goodness.

  6. "Super Mario Bros"  Every fan of the Mario series of video games must see this movie at some point.  The movie generally follows the same familiar plot though with Mario and Luigi facing off against a bunch of koopas but with terrible acting and costumes

  7. "Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life"  The second installment of this series is an excellent if you enjoyed the original Tomb Raider film and a perfect gamer movie.  Angelina Jolie is back again playing the sexy lead character despite the silly plot that follows her around.  Generally the plot is the same as the first movie with a few changes.

  8. "Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back"  When this was first released, Pokémon was more popular than ever and crowds lined up by the hundreds to see it and get a limited edition Pokémon card.  The plot follows Ash and his friends as they discover much about Mewtwo and Mew and their creation.

  9. "DOA: Dead or Alive"  For any gamer seeking a film with sexy ladies that loosely follows a very broad video game plot, this one fits perfectly.  Female fighters are invited to an invitation-onl fighting event and find out more than they every imagined.  This movie got limited attention in the United States but is still entertaining to the average gamer. 

  10. "Max Payne"  This is a great movie for any gamer that enjoys the video game by the same name.  The only problems with "Max Payne" is how serious it is portrayed and how heavily it focuses on bullet-time gunplay.  So many movies already used the same effects when "May Payne" came out, making this movie seem pretty much the same.  The plot follow Max Payne as he investigates the murder of his wide and the government plot to cover it up.