Why would anyone compile a list of seven disgusting movie vomit scenes? Because you're reading it, which means you're the type of person who wants to find the best blown chunks without all the hassle of watching an entire movie. As disgusting as they are, vomit scenes create that can't-look-away effect akin to watching a train wreck or watching Lindsay Lohan do anything. Check out the following seven barf scenes and then feel very weird and remorseful about the state of your life.

"Poltergeist 2"

In this classic disgusting scene, Steve Freeling (played by Craig T. Nelson) hawks up a slimy alien-looking creature thing while his wife looks on, squealing in understandable horror. Okay, so there's technically no vomit, but on a repulsion scale, puking out a wormlike monster covered in what looks like baby-birth goo rates much higher than watching someone spit up a few leftovers. At least when it's food, you know where it came from.

"Drag Me to Hell"

Look on in horror as leading lady Christine has a plethora of disgusting things go in and out of her mouth. There's the scene when the scary old stank-breath dead lady pukes flies into Christine's mouth, where a man throws up a cat and (let's not forget the best scene) where Christine projectile spews a bright red river of blood right onto her boss's face. "Did I get any in my mouth?" he asks in a panic. Uh, yeah. At this point, just kill yourself, Boss.

"Team America"

This comedy upchuck scene will actually make you chuckle. Tune in to "Team America" and watch a junkie puppet vomit a ridiculous amount of fluid next to a dumpster to some mood-enhancing, sad music.

"The Rules of Attraction"

Warning: Do not watch this movie if you have a daughter in college. Good God. As far as throw up goes, eh, you've probably seen better, but the disgust exists in the pure humiliation and tragedy of the scene. Lauren (played by the strikingly beautiful Shannyn Sossamon) wakes up from an altered state getting, well, raped by a stranger at a college party. To make it even worse, right before the man reaches climax, he throws up on Lauren's back and face. You've been warned. If you watch it, it's on you to try and free your mind of that particular nightmare scenario.

"The Exorcist"

All right, so everyone knows about the pea soup, but there's a reason for it's constant reference—its glorious grossness makes it classic. Pea soup is disgusting enough going down, but the image of a demon child spewing it right into Father Merrin's mouth just may have been enough to turn off pea soup lovers from way back. Bonus: You can actually see Father Merrin gag when the green hits him. That just has to be real.

"Problem Child 2"

Junior Healy, the little prick that John Ritter's character has to deal with over and over again, speeds up a carnival ride and kicks off a vomit scene suitable for the whole family. The kids on the scrambler throw up while they spin, the puke splashes onto everyone nearby and before you know it, everyone at the fair is throwing up. The vomit is all milk-colored and it looks fake, but it's still satisfying to watch a bunch of children learn about centrifugal force by getting sprayed in the face with intestine juice.

"Stand by Me"

This classic flick's barf-o-rama scene show us the magical side of ralphing on each other. While the boys in the movie sit around a campfire, Gordie entertains them with the story of Lardass's ultimate revenge. "And Lardass just sat back and enjoyed what he'd created," Gordie says, "a complete and total barf-o-rama."