Few nations have enthralled as many people as Egypt has. Egypt has some of the most fascinating history, landmarks and the occasional undead mummy that planet Earth has to offer. If you would like to take up some amateur Egyptology but can not afford the plane ticket, here are five movies set in Egypt.

"Charlie Chan in Egypt" Back in the early 30s, Hollywood often set adventure movies and thrillers in Egypt because of the Egypt craze that happened in the wake of the discovery of King Tut's tomb. So it should not be a surprise that super-detective Charlie Chan made the trek there. This is not one of the best Chan movies, but it does have lots of cool Egyptian atmosphere. There is also a performance from the infamous Steppin Fetchit, so consider donating to the NAACP if you watch this one.

"The Ten Commandments" Not all movies set in Egypt are low budget thrillers. This is one of the great Hollywood mega-epics, directed by one of the kings of the form, Cecil B. Demille. You probably already know the story if you ever paid attention in Sunday school: Egyptian prince Moses finds out he's actually Hebrew by birth, and he sets out to free his people from the tyrannical pharaoh. It might not work as a history lesson on Egypt, but it is pretty entertaining.

"Dr. Phibes Rises Again" He may not be a mummy, but he's close: Dr. Phibes is an evil scientist, scarred by a car accident, seeking revenge on all who wronged him. This is the second movie in the "Dr. Phibes" saga, as the doctor travels to Egypt in order to locate the "River of Life." He's not the only one after it, though, which results in several flamboyantly gruesome deaths (that's the Phibes promise). Also, it ends with Vincent Price (who plays Phibes) singing "Over the Rainbow." If that does not make you want to visit Egypt, seek entertainment elsewhere.

"The Spy Who Loved Me" Agent 007 James Bond is famous for his globetrotting adventures, so why would he not make a stop in Egypt? He finally does in "The Spy Who Loved Me," one of the best Bond movies starring Roger Moore as Bond. While in Egypt, he meets the assassin Jaws, who, in addition to being really tall, has metal teeth. He also runs around with the Pyramids in the background.

These five movies set in Egypt should scratch your Egyptology itch until you save up the money to make a trip there. Your other option would be to become a brilliant detective, superspy or adventuring archaelogist, and have your bosses pay for you to go there. Whichever is easier.