Though he's had a ton of great roles throughout his career, the top five Harrison Ford characters are a cut above the rest. Yes, Harrison Ford is arguably the biggest star to hit the big screen; this is undeniable, but even the biggest stars take on roles that just don't do so well. However, tt's not about the so-so roles; it's about the roles that cemented Ford as the top actor in the business.

Jack Ryan from "Patriot Games" and "Clear and Present Danger" He's probably the coolest CIA guy in the history of film. Though labeled as an analyst, this guy has no problem picking up a gun and handling business. He also seems to find himself on the wrong side of a covert operation but manages to escape, Washington-issued suit in tact. Harrison Ford wasn't the only guy to play the Jack Ryan character, but he was easily the best.

President James Marshall from "Air Force One" Who says the president is a punk? Harrison Ford channels his inner Indiana Jones and kicks some serious terrorist butt in this flick. He plays the president of the United States whose plane gets jacked by a group of high flying troublemakers. In order to protect the First Family, Ford does what he does best. Kick, punch, slam, shoot and bad guys go bye-bye. 

Indiana Jones from the "Indiana Jones" series The world famous, butt-kicking, womanizing, smart-mouthed, yet extremely likeable archeologist is easily one of the top five Harrison Ford characters. Han Solo put him on the map, but Indiana Jones made him a supernova. He battles Nazis, Russians, aliens and a host of ancient traps and tests over the course of four great movies. This particular character is why so many kids in the 1980s wanted to become movie stars.

Dr. Richard Kimble from "The Fugitive" Ford plays a doctor wrongfully accused of killing his wife. Now, when you think of doctors, you think of nice old guys that prescribe vitamin C chewables for little kids. You don't imagine a guy escaping from prison, evading the law or beating the crap out of a one-armed man, all the while proving his innocence. You also don't picture him doing a somersault off a dam into the freezing waters below. But he does it and does it well. This is one of Harrison Ford's greatest characters in one of his best movies.

Han Solo from "Star Wars" The infamous captain of the Millenium Falcon. Enough said. He didn't have a cool lightsaber or know anything about the Force. He was, however, the coolest character in the "Star Wars" universe. The quick-witted, trash-talking, blaster-welding smuggler did more than his share of mucking up Imperial plans. And he did it with an eight-foot carpet as a sidekick. Most importantly, Han Solo character is the only character from "Star Wars" that lead to bigger and better roles.