Battles to be subjugated and enslaved are far and few between outside your average suburban S&M dungeon, which makes the case for how powerful the urge to have freedom is ingrained. Celebrate the fight to serve your own desires and philosophies without personally losing any limbs in these freedom fighting movies like "Freedom."


“G.I. Joe: Retaliation”

The G.I. Joes return and not only fight to free America from Cobra’s influence but to clear their name and the names of their newly fallen. With some focus on the comic book back story of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow as well as a distinct absence of those super exoskeletons from the first film, “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” does what the original could not and makes a fun action film with characters that can hold their own without needing a “Transformers” treatment. As General Joe Colton arms up the Joes using an immense amount of secret stashes, your heart will swell with anticipation as you realize the freedom fighting is about to kick off with a whole lotta head stomping.



Although the war between the Browncoats and the Alliance has been gathering dust for some time, Mal has been nursing a serious grudge against the Alliance and a stomach full of hunger for freedom from their rule. Doing his best to keep his crew alive and fed, Mal discovers a dirty little secret that the Alliance has been hiding on a far away planet. Risking all, the crew goes deep into dangerous Reaver held territory to discover this secret for themselves and their civilization at large. See the dedication towards freedom as Mal comes up with a plan to cloak Firefly before their journey into Reaver controlled space that gets everyone’s hands dirty.


“Red Dawn”

Those wily Cuban and Soviets decide that America could use some new leadership while some local high school students disagree strenuously in “Red Dawn”. The original has a leg up on the remake as it features the kind of great lines that seem to only spawn in the 1980's and was made before the shakey cam was viewed as a great way to promote tension in a film; tension and vomiting but mainly tension. As the group along with a downed American pilot takes on a Russian tank, their desire to fight for their country’s freedom comes at the highest of costs but doesn’t slow them down.


“Animal Farm”

Featuring not one but two battles for freedom by the barnyard animals, “Animal Farm” anthropormorphizes barnyard animals on their journey towards independence and self-rule. With a changed ending, the film manages to do a fine interpretation of the novel as it captures the corruption of power and the fight for equality and freedom. As the animals revolt against Napoleon’s rule, the cost of subjugating the masses comes full circle as independence is forged in the blood of the power hungry rulers.


“Tomorrow When The War Began”

The Australian answer to “Red Dawn,” “Tomorrow When The War Began” has another group of students running sabotage runs on a brutal invasion force that’s set up camp in their town. As the kids get discovered their efforts to avoid being capture result in the death of an enemy soldier, crossing a line that now marks them forever. With a bit of cheese, this film manage to carry off the tangled relationships between friends and acquaintances who now have a common goal surrounded by a jarringly different future.