Forget Pluto Nash: 9 Reasons Eddie Murphy Is A Comic Genius

Wednesday, November 2 by

Kill The White People

Watch this sketch once and see if you don’t find yourself humming this song for a week afterward.

48 Hours

48 Hours literally invented the buddy cop film and probably cemented Murphy’s presence as a Hollywood heavyweight. He was able to get his first spot hosting Saturday Night Live because of this film. While the film itself isn’t the greatest ever made, it’s culturally significant and Murphy is, as always, hilarious.

James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub

This one came out of Murphy’s standup. One of his best and most underrated characters, Murphy’s James Brown isn’t spot on, but is an exemplar of the type of impression comedy we would come to know and love from Murphy. From the dance moves to the singing to the shuffling offstage underneath a cape, Murphy got the finer points and blew them vastly out of proportion, the essence of parody.

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