For Fat Tuesday, Here Are 6 Movie Parties We Wish We’d Been Invited To

Tuesday, February 21 by

The Boogie Nights Pool Party

Paul Thomas Anderson did a wonderful job of making the audience feel like they were actually doing a lap at this party through his use of an absurdly long tracking shot that probably gave his steadicam operator a hernia. If ever there was a playbook for the perfect pool party, this scene is it. What really differentiates this party isn’t the drugs or the hot girls, but the batshit-crazy people. There’s a black cowboy talking about his stereo store one minute, then a functioning idiot (Reed Rothchild) making terrible margaritas in a tiki bar.

Even the overdose is fun. My one complaint is that there isn’t enough Scotty.

(Sadly the clip isn’t embeddable, but here’s the link to the best pool party of all time)

The Kegger Out By The Moon Tower

Wooderson, booze, pot, and freshmen hazing – this Dazed and Confused party didn’t leave its attendees wanting for much. I have to qualify this entry by saying the party would have been much more fun if the character played by Adam Goldberg hadn’t been in attendance. He whined the whole time, then got his ass pummeled by Clint, reducing him to a sack of tears and rage. That’s a strike against, but beyond that, this party had some of the hottest girls of any party that’s been put to film.

Milla Jovavich looks intoxicated enough that she’s ready to make some bad decisions, and I’ll be there to save her from making a bad decision by urging her to make an even worse decision. Like investing in Netflix or texting while driving.

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