For Fat Tuesday, Here Are 6 Movie Parties We Wish We’d Been Invited To

Tuesday, February 21 by
Party 'til you die. 

Today’s the last day to party balls before getting wrapped up in all this Lent hogwash, so make it count. Might I suggest some sort of party, as they enjoy so much in New Orleans?

Taking inventory of parties in film is pretty much a step-by-step guide on how to throw a good party, but planning isn’t enough. The greatest parties in film and in our lives thrive on an intangible spontaneity that not even Martha Stewart could curate. Catching that lightning in a bottle, be it an impromptu beer bust, a sociopathic athlete, or a girl dying of a cocaine overdose, is the key to taking a party from good to great. I could prattle on about this, but the examples serve to do most of the heavy lifting here.

The House Party in Any Given Sunday

I’m guessing that Oliver Stone drew from the Dallas Cowboys parties of lore when he conceived this scene that is decadent enough to make Charlie Sheen blush. This party has tons of whorish women, athletes in silk shirts talking on cell phones, and, of course, sharks.

This scene is only later trumped by the one in which Lawrence Taylor’s character cuts Steamin’ Willie Beamen’s yellow Tahoe in half with a buzzsaw. Hmmm. Sharks or cars being cut in half? That’s a choice truly worthy of Solomon.

House Party 2’s Pajama Jammy Jam

Not every party on this list has to be depraved. Sometimes, you just want to kick back with some friends in your PJ’s, hang out with some non-threatening black dudes, and innocently pursue chaste women. It’s pretty much like a seventh-grade mixer. No. It’s exactly like a seventh-grade mixer, only with more high-top fades than I remember.

This party trades in safety. You’re not going to OD or get stabbed at this party. You might lose a dance-off, but rest assured that the winner will graciously give you a friendly eleven-step handshake and a hug when it’s all over. Having Martin Lawrence in attendance is a wild card nowadays, but back then the only way he would cause any trouble is if you kept bumping his DJ table.

If you’re worried about whether or not these guys gonna hurt nobody, let me save you some time – they ain’t gonna hurt nobody.

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